Smart Concrete (CCAA)

Smart Concrete app utilises local weather and atmospheric data to calculate evaporation rates for concreters. Drawing on multiple data sources it provides real-time weather guidance allowing construction decisions to be made up to a week in advance, saving time and money for concreters.

Multiple API IntegrationCloud Computation

The Brief

CCAA is the peak body for the heavy constructions material industry in Australia. Weather conditions have an effect on concrete pouring and can cause cracks if poured under wrong conditions. Real-time decision making using real-time weather data was required to solve this problem and it seemed impossible until appomate and CCAA partnered.

Our Solution

Partnering with CCAA, we built an iOS and Android app that integrated with multiple API for real-time data analysis and reporting. Google Maps API's are used to gather lat/long of suburbs and pass location information to weather API to calculate the concrete evaporation rate to inform concreters of weather condition allowing them to make the right decisions and avoid mistakes.

10,000 concreters benefited
$1,000,000+ saved by defect prevention
100% improvement in construction decisions
600% Increased In productivity

What our clients say...

"The biggest challenge with the Smart Concrete app was making a complex task simple. The app has gathers data from multiple API sources and had a complex formula to run in real-time. Appomate were able to make the app smart and simple, even for a tradie."

Brian Hauser
State Manager

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