Subbies Toolbox

The Subbies Toolbox App is built specifically for the Construction Industry to create a platform that allows builders and businesses to find local and available sub-contractors (Subbies).The majority of employment in this industry is sub-contracting and is done while “on-site” which meant the only viable option was to create an app on both IOS and Android to reach the entire Construction Industry.

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The Brief

Appomate came onboard the project after Subbies For Hire had initially tried to save costs by using overseas developers. What was delivered was problematic and full of bugs. The aim was to find a developer who could salvage what they could from the original build, provide solutions to remaining issues and get the app live within a short timeframe.

Our Solution

Our team were able to salvage what was usable from the initial build and launch a new version of the app within six months. A prototype was built as part of our See It Before You Build It process that allowed Subbies For Hire the ability to test usability before coding. This greatly reduced the time required to finish the project and remain within a tight budget.

400 sign-ups in first 30 days
100% reduction in HR costs
100's of new jobs listed every day
3 months to achieve an ROI on development costs

What our clients say...

"Our biggest challenge was mapping out exactly how the app would function and the outcomes of each action, seeing the app as a whole before proceeding with the coding, this is where Appomate stood above the rest. Appomate helped us realise our vision and now the Subbies Toolbox App is live and thriving"

Subbies Toolbox

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