Safety Food Zone

Food safety and related issues are a billion dollar problem. Businesses risk being prosecuted and consumers being hospitalised. This app in conjunction with the infrared sensor makes food safety processes reliable and quick. Records are available for businesses in real time to maintain full compliance government regulations.

Bluetooth HardwarePatented Technology

The Brief

Food safety is a major issue when it comes to running a food business. Companies need to comply with the food safety programs, and the existing processes were complex and antiquated. Operating a restaurant for over 20 years, Nick Liolios understood how the whole process could be redefined with access to the right technology.

Our Solution

Appomate worked with Nick Liolios over a period of two years to develop the most advanced technology to streamline the food safety process. We built all the food safety program requirements into an app and also integrated it with a temperature sensor via Bluetooth connectivity. All data is now available in the cloud for real-time reporting for compliance measures.

20 hours of food safety checks reduced to 2 hours
1000% Increased In Productivity
2000% Increased in Compliance
92% Customer Retention after 30-day free trial

What our clients say...

"What started as a simple idea at my chicken shop is a now unique patented technology that solves the tedious, time-consuming food safety problems for many leading hospitality brands across Australia. Thanks Appomate"

Nick Liolios
Safety Food Zone

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