Appomate’s interactive Exploration Session provides you the opportunity to speak face to face with an Australian App company.

$299 +GST
90 Minutes
Our Offices Melb / Syd

Our 90 minute app exploration sessions aim to help you:

Learn what successful apps have in common and assess how effective your idea will be. Compare apps similar to yours and potential competitors already in market. Learn how to test the real demand for your app before you build it.
Understand the concept and components of the popular ‘lean business plan’. Apply these concepts to your app idea. Get help from our experts to develop a business plan that will guide you from app conception to app reality.
Learn the concept of the Minimum Viable Product. Applying this with a lean start-up approach will help get your app to market without a huge investment. Learn how to BUILD a basic prototype of your app, MEASURE its effectiveness and LEARN from your target market. Once completed you can take that learning and build it into your app to ensure it meets customer demand.
Better understand the needs of your target market with a ‘user persona’. Develop a visual concept of your app that will engage your user. Also determine what revenue models appeal to this kind of user.
Document the high level scope of your project. Identify what must be insourced and outsourced. Understand the potential commitments required from your side to create your app.
Understand the ways different apps make money via Google Play and the App Store. Decide what revenue model best suits your circumstances and goals. Learn the AARRR metrics and what metrics need to be tracked to measure your success.
Validate Your Idea
Create a lean business plan
Develop a minimum viable product
Identify your target user
Define scope & functions of your app
Develop an app revenue model

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Our App Exploration Sessions will be run by members of our app development team. They can answer any technical questions directly.

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