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  • Adidas

    Adidas stores can now sell their entire product range no matter the store size.

    ERP IntegrationE-commerce Integration
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  • Loreal (Matrix&Me)

    An app which makes traditional hairdressing learning methods mobile.

    3D RenderingUX Animation
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  • Safety Food Zone

    This app has reduced health and safety process from 20 hours to 2 hours.

    Bluetooth HardwarePatented Technology
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  • Axcess Golf

    Information on 2,000 golf courses across Australia and New Zealand at your fingertips.

    Xamarin DevelopmentAPI Integration
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  • Subbies for Hire

    business networking tool for individuals, businesses and builders to connect easily and fast.

    Payment IntegrationMulti-tenant ArchitectureNative Development (SWIFT)
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  • Smart Concrete (CCAA)

    Using local weather and atmospheric data this app tells you how long concrete needs to dry

    Multiple API IntegrationCloud Computation
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Brands we've worked with

  • People who care

    Apps are only as good as the people who develop them. You need smarts, vision and a heart that connects with your user. We care about the work we do and ensure that our time with you is spent preparing your app for the people who matter most: you and your customers.

  • A fast yet safe approach

    Successful app creators know who decides whether the idea has merit. The users! Our goal is to get your app in front of your users as quickly as possible. Our approach is to reduce risks with small steps and constant feedback from your target market.

  • Your partner in success

    We have built many first of their kind, highly technical apps in various industries. But we know technology means nothing unless it’s solving a problem and helps you succeed . We will stick together until you find that success. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

  • Our proven process to get you ahead - fast and safe

  • This stage takes 3 - 4 business days
    Stage 1
    App Exploration
    it out
    an Estimate
    01 / You’ve had a great idea for an app. Excellent! Now you’re wondering what’s next. Simple. Connect with us and we’ll talk you through what’s involved.
    02 / The best way to bring your app to life is to sketch your idea or list its requirements. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process.
    03 / Our app developers will provide a scoping document to confirm our understanding of your idea then provide an estimate to make the magic happen.
  • This stage takes 6 - 8 weeks and requires a 20% deposit
    Stage 2
    See It B4U Built It
    the App
    02Prototype it
    01 / We create a road map of your app. Input from you and your target audience will be used before, during and after this stage to complete Business Requirement Documents (BRD), Wireframes and the look and feel of your app (UI Design).
    02 / If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings! A basic working model is compiled for you to show investors or potential users to gain feedback before coding begins. Our development team uses the prototype as a reference to build your app, removing ambiguity and saving you app revision costs.
    03 / Once we know it’s a go, our team will recommend the best technologies for building your app. Documentation on costs of hosting, maintenance and your app’s infrastructure will allow you to plan for scalability.
  • This stage is 6 - 8 weeks based on milestone payments
    Stage 3
    Build Your App
    the Code
    02Quality is the best
    business plan
    03App Launch
    01 / After developing test cases of your app, the team begins to code it, prioritising features based on your input. Weekly updates will allow you to be involved as much or as little as you like.
    02 / Three teams will test each component. The app developers, a quality assurance team and your project manager will all separately test each screen and functionality for what it can (and can't) do. This will be done using multiple devices, all before you complete a test yourself prior to launching the app.
    03 / We have a 100% success rate in gaining App Store approval so we will upload your app to Google Play or the App Store for you. You only need to blow out the candles and give your victory speech.
  • Stage 4
    Maintenance and Marketing
    01 / Your app is now a living, breathing part of the world. It needs attention! Call us to discuss ongoing support for maintenance and marketing of your app. We’re here to ensure your ongoing success. CALL 1300 781 794

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